Privacy Policy

This is an informal privacy policy. I really only collect two kinds of data. I don't think you'll mind either.

  • Minimal analytics via Counter. There's the source code. None of this data is personalized, and it collects much less data than Google Analytics.
  • Ghost Membership data, if you sign up as a member to the blog. I'll only have the data you give me—the name and email you put in—plus the page you were on when you signed up. If you comment, I'll also have your comment. That's kind of obvious, huh?
    • You can modify or delete your data through the portal.

I do also include affiliate links in some articles, and outbound links in general. Some of those sites I link to will track you in other ways not covered here.

I am not putting my email here, because I don't want more spam, but if you're human, you'll see there are quite a few ways to contact me. The easy option is Instagram—try that.