Quarantine Sales III—Black Friday

Keeping this quick. A list, but only the good stuff.

Quarantine Sales III—Black Friday

Alright, I'll be quick here. There are a lot of good ones going on. I'll try to keep this updated, but only with the ones that are good.


  • Asket officially has the cheapest Black Friday sale possible. Their store is closed today. You only save the money you don't spend.
  • Suitsupply's Outlet Sale, code 2020, is significantly better than usual, with more options than past sales. Footwear and briefcases are pretty cheap.
  • Supply and Advise has 25% off storewide.
  • The Rake (non-tracking link) has a sale on a broad range of luxury brands of "up to" 50% off a wide variety of things.
  • Yeossal has 10-20% off sitewide depending on how much you spend.


  • Meermin is giving you a gift card based on how much you spend. For example, if you spend 350€, you get 30% back as credit, which makes an effective discount of about 23%. Even at full price, they're a great buy, so I'm excited. See my review here.
  • Grant Stone -- 30% off orders of $400 or more. Shell cordovan is excluded, and if you return so that your total falls below $400, they take away the discount. Still a fantastic deal.
  • Cobbler Union -- 20% off from a great MiUSA brand, bringing shoes down to roughly $320.
  • Nisolo (non-tracking link) has a confusing but cheap sale.