I swear, Good Humor is not a sponsor. I don't take sponsors... But I might be willing to make one exception. Unilever, I'll take payment in ice cream bars.

Of the four core Good Humor bars, the Strawberry Shortcake was my go-to as a child. Bright and fun, and pink back before it mattered what color your ice cream was. The cakey outer crumbs give way to the intense, saturated core -- a treat to taste, but also to see.

The color scheme translates to clothing nicely. The easiest way to wear pink, as with many colors, seems to be with whites and off-whites. Looking at the ice cream bar, I decided to include a couple of light tan shades here and there. I think each color works well as a shirt, jacket, accessory, or pair of pants. Indeed, they can be combined into the same garment to great effect.

While bright, the pinks feel natural. Flowers and fruit. The whites feel like blank canvas, sort of "framing" the pinks, providing contrast with the more saturated ones, but they pair equally well with the pastel pinks.

These pairings give a certain springy vibe... But they also me right back to those ice cream trucks. The tailoring feels casual and fun and interesting, but not frivolous. The more casual outfits feel warm, clean, and inviting. They all make me smile.

Since this is a pretty visual album, there won't be much more write-up. Just enjoy.

Aaron Levine for Aimé Leon Dore SS22
Union LA x Nike Cortez “Sesame”
Chitbhanu Singh. Pants from Acne Studios.
Amelia Power as shot by Scott Schuman, @thesartorialist
Scott Fraser Simpson
Jeonnong Road, Jeju City, South Korea. @bongtographer_
Sartoria Formosa
Jordan Maurin
Trần Khôi Nguyên
Matthew Woodruff
Craftsman Clothing made corduroy safari suits for its recent holiday collection (alt link). I'm a big fan of both of these colors, and a bigger fan of the two together.
One of my own takes. Granted, the pink is relaitvely subtle here, but it fits.
Uh... Chandler.

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