Cool, Cozy, and Everything In Between: A Cardigan Inspo Album

Cardigans are just that important.

Cool, Cozy, and Everything In Between: A Cardigan Inspo Album
Jason Jules via Drake's

Note: this album was originally posted on Reddit via imgur, before the creation of this blog. I've since formatted them into a proper blog post. I have since iterated on this album, sharing some great cardigan inspiration in: Cardigans, Revisited.

Drake's cardigan worn by the one and only Jason Jules. Leather buttons. Thick shawl. Thick ribs. Ugh.
Bond, Casino Royale, Venice
Rick Owens Mastodon, as worn by reddit user /u/marens33
From Childish Gambino's "Feels Like Summer."
DRAINAGE! Drainage, Eli you boy!
Mosaert (Capsule 1). Mosaert is better known for color, but this one in black and white feels just oh so right.
SNS Herning cardigan as worn by reddit user /u/catpee
You can absolutely be both cozy and badass.
Q's Cardigan from Skyfall. Note the open zipper at the bottom, which echoes the tradition of leaving the bottom button open, and also probably makes it easier to sit down in a slim fitting cardigan.
All of Mr. Rogers' iconic cardigans were knit, with love, by his mother. This one is in the Smithsonian now.
@stylejournaldaily on instagram rocking the double cardigan: "Half slouch, half proper for the weekend. I'm wearing a @drakesdiary four ply camel shawl cardigan; it doesn't get more comfortable than this! I've paired it with a Scott & Charters navy cardigan from @unionmadegoods, brushed cotton shirt from @nomanwalksalone, and a large scale medallion tie by @nicolaradano / @spaccaneapolis_ties."
RRL Hand-Knit Cardigan, as discussed here on Die, Workwear.
If you were going to do a bunch of heroin, you'd do it wearing a cardigan. Cardigans are cheaper and last longer and still feel amaaaaaazing.
Thom Browne's iconic schoolboy look is a little wacky -- he's gotten a lot hate (and a lot of love) for the suits with shorts. But the cardigans are iconic and wonderful, and nothing too far out there.
This and the next cardigan are belted, which I like. The belt is more visible in the next photo.
A Belted Cardigan, done up in what I'd call the higher end of business casual. Despite the turtleneck, this guy looks professional and ready to rock.
Red Death's cardigan from The Venture Bros. Season 7 Episode 2: The Rorqual Affair. This terrifying character is made all the more fascinating by humorous juxtaposition of his fearsome battle personality with his quaint home life. Here, he sits, playing with his daughter by the fire, discussing potential retirement with two colleagues. The cardigan is a big part of that, and it does its job beautifully. For those who can't tell: I love this show, and would highly recommend it.
Vogue called Calvin Jr. a grandpa for this. It was worth it, Uncle Snoop. It was worth it.
I felt like I needed another cardigan with a graphic tee.
@thedressedchest on instagram. Crazy thing is, this beautiful cardigan came from H&M. Yes, you too can look this good for that cheap. Blue and green gingham shirt and blue silk knit tie from the tie bar. Tie Bar from OTAA,
Showing the virtues of a thin, purple cardigan, too—Rainer John of The Dressed Chest really seems to love this one from entireworld. Tie and tie bar from the tie bar. Shirt from Jack Spade.
I'm not a big /r/streetwear guy, but /u/dsbatt01 did the job with this colorful cardigan from Cotton Traders.
Nick Carraway by Brooks Brothers. The cardigan here fits with spectator penny loafers, a bow tie, an ocbd and wool trousers for a perfect ivy look, which really says "I love to pretend I don't judge other people but that's really all I do."
Bond, Quantum of Solace
Harwick of Scottland. Corny model, dope sweater.
Casual Friday by
The Dude Abides.

Why did I make this album?

Because cardigans, man.

Because cardigans are great. Because it's fall. And because there are a thousand different ways to wear them, and I wanted to showcase a bunch. And because it's pleasant to look at cardigans, in their cozy glory, and just imagine yourself feeling warm and happy.

If I want to sound like an asshole, I could say... I'm on something of a mission to civilize. I want to encourage you all to look beyond the hoodies you're used to, and step your looks up a notch. Maybe not the big posters here—you guys obviously know that Cardigans exist, and have some idea how to wear them—but the little guys, who are here actually wondering how to step things up past a simple hoodie. But I don't want to be an asshole—if you like hoodies, or other items, good for you. You're wrong, cardigans are the best, but good for you, enjoy what you enjoy.

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