Pitti Uomo 103 Highlights

Men go to Pitti Uomo to get dressed like it's blood sport. They buy, and drink, and shoot, and *get fitted*. Here are our highlights.

Pitti Uomo 103 Highlights
Angel Ramos, shot by Milad Abedi

Pitti Uomo is the menswear event of the season. Technically a trade show, it's known more for the fact that men go there to get dressed like it's blood sport. They put together their best possible outfits and walk around dramatically, hoping photographers will pick up what they're putting down. They walk around in bespoke tailoring, comparing their favorite tailors. They throw creative black tie parties. They buy, and drink, and shoot, and get fitted.

So here, we're going to collect our favorite photos from the event to share with you all. Neither of us is there in person, unfortunately, but we're crediting photographers wherever possible. There may still be updates to come as we see more photos from Pitti!

By the way, you might have noticed that "we." I'm happy to introduce The Second Button's first contributor, Philip Gregard! You'll see more from him this year. Be excited. I am.

Dan's Picks || Philip's Picks.

Dan's Picks.

Angel Ramos, shot by Milad Abedi. Outfit breakdown here.
Milad Abedi
Jake Grantham by Fabrizio di Paolo
Kevis Manzi in Ralph and Isao Kato in a crazy Loewe coat. Kevis breaks down his fit here.
Buzz Tang of The Anthology. If you like him... subscribe to the blog now, I've got a treat in store.
Peter Zottolo in I Sarti Italiani
Nasario Giubergia shot by Fabrizio di Paolo
Kévin-Eddy Bgd as shot by Jeroen Noordzij for The Rake.
Jian DeLeon and Mordechai Rubinstein. Mordechai breaks down his outfit here.
@flannels_and_tweed as filmed by Mordechai Rubinstein
Jamie Ferguson
@elom_ and Peter Zottolo, as shot by Mitchell Moss
Kenji Kaga
Kevis Manzi

Philip's Picks.

Ethan Newton shot by Anthony Sylvester
Angel Ramos shot by Milad Abedi
Kenji Cheung shot by Robert Weng
Anthony Sylvester shot by Robert Weng

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