Moustaches are tricky. They can give hipster, old-timey porn star, or, worst yet, cop vibes. Some guys can make them work. I'm not sure why. Get ready for some pure inspo.

Jamie Ferguson

I'm a beard guy. I'm fairly certain you'll never see me go for a moustache. They can be hard to rock without making people think you're a hipster, an old-timey porn star, or, worse yet, a cop.

But I've seen it work. Some guys do it by leaning into the above styles, and some pave their own vibe. I'm not sure why, and I definitely care more about clothes than moustache styles, so... get ready, this is going to be a fairly pure inspiration album.

To me, Gerardo gives old Italian movie star, whereas Mark Maggiori... is kind of just a pretty man. Gerardo runs Sartoria Giuliva, and Mark models for them (and also paints pretty western-themed paintings).

Kyme McCray
Elliot Gould in M*A*S*H
David Asseraf, 1972, as shared by Noam Asseraf
Mario and Luigi
Haider Ackermann, himself
Robb McNeill
Nick Offerman, like me, is a beard guy. But Ron Swanson is a moustache man.
Liz Lemon and her friend Tom
Tom Selleck
Brett White is part and parcel with his moustache, to the point where Barb Hardly has it too.
In Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, the "Stache" stat affects luck. I find that amusing.